Building Approvals

Full certification service of all class of buildings including Class 1 & 10 residential, Class 2 to 9 commercial, and Budget Accommodation Buildings.

Asset Economics are professional building certifiers who offer a complete and independent building approval and consultancy service to builders, developers, designers, architects, engineers, and other industry professionals as well as residents.

Services can include preparation of applications, liaison with Local Government Authorities, Referral Agencies, Fire Engineers & Trade Contractors, where required.
As we keep up to date with all pending and proposed legislation, we are able to offer some cost saving advantages to proposed projects.

For all your certification needs in South east Queensland.

Example 1: A client was staging a development for the construction of 155 retirement units, and pending legislation proposed changes to the energy efficiency regulations. While keeping on top of the progress of the proposed changes, it became evident that the legislation would come into force, and would have a detrimental impact on our client’s remaining 115 units yet to be certified, so our advice was to have the remaining 115 units certified as a whole and then propose staged construction, this effectively saved our client $1,500 per unit, a total of over $170,000.
Example 2: A client who owned a budget accommodation building was audited by the Queensland Fire & Rescue Service   and it was found that the building did not meet the legislative requirements for compliance; the client was faced with the options of closing down the accommodation side of his business or outlaying over $100,000 to bring the building into compliance. Our organisation prepared an alternative solution for the non compliances that ended up costing the client around $20,000 a considerable saving, and he could still operate the budget accommodation building.