Quantity Surveying

Asset Economics only uses qualified Quantity Surveyors for your tax depreciation schedules. Our main focus is to ensure that property investors obtain every last cent of tax depreciation allowance they are legally entitled to.

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These professionals have completed an appropriate tertiary degree course and undertaken work experience which qualifies them for membership of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

As advisers Quantity Surveyors estimate and monitor construction costs, from the feasibility stage of a project through to the completion of the construction period. After construction a quantity surveyors is involved with tax depreciation schedules, tax depreciation surveying, replacement cost estimation for insurance purposes and, if necessary, mediation and arbitration.

Quantity Surveyors work on projects ranging from office blocks, schools, hospitals, factories to bridges, railways, oil and mining development, shipbuilding and large process engineering works such as oil refineries. Anywhere, indeed, that major construction work is carried out.

TAFE Certificates and Diplomas qualify technicians who assist quantity surveyors in the office or on site, where they may specialise in particular aspects of the profession.

The Quantity Surveyor, also known as a Construction Economist, or Cost Manager, is one of a team of professional advisers to the construction industry.

Quantity surveyors are employed predominantly on major building and construction projects as consultants to the owner, in both the public and private sectors. They may also work as academics in the building and construction disciplines and in financial institutions, with developers and as project managers.

Quantity Surveyors work closely with architects, financiers, engineers, contractors, suppliers, project owners, accountants, insurance underwriters, solicitors and Courts and with all levels of government authorities.