Project & Design Management

Asset Economics provides expertise and experience in a range of skills applied to service relationships tailored to our customers' requirements.

We are able to offer a broad range of skills:

- Construction Management
- Project Management
- Design Management

Construction Management

AE provides all technical and administrative management services, effectively planning and managing the project from initial tender stage through to practicle completeion.

Design Management

AE has substantial experience in design management, combining industry-leading design management tools and systems with highly knowledgeable people. We can undertake all management tasks at the design phase on behalf of clients. We can identify the property needs brief and effectively manage the design process through to the final phase of monitoring quality during construction.

AE ensures that the pre-tender stage is carefully executed to ensure maximum time and cost savings.

Early involvement adds value by:
- Defining project outcomes;
- Reducing risks;
- Evaluating design options which reduce the amount of variations;
- Analysing all aspects from design, cost effective materials, site constraints, and commercial viability

AE has experience in areas such as master planning, concept design, value management and town planning.
AE has the skills base to provide our customers with value-added outcomes and produce the highest and best use for each and every site and or project.