Fire Safety Audits

Fire Procedure requirements

  • Classification Certificate
  • Evacuation diagrams
  • Periodic Inspections of equipment
  • Signage
  • Storage Cabinet
  • Fire Evacuation Procedures – annual exercise
  • Fire Evacuation Coordinator
  • Fire Safety Adviser
  • Lodgement of Occupiers Statement
  • Critical Defect Notices
  • Record keeping
  • Penalties
  • QFRS Advisory Notes

What Asset Economics can do for you :

  • We would take all matters seriously – be different to others that are in the market place. Make it easier for Body Corporate Managers
  • Advise on requirements for each complex
  • Install classification certificate
  • Order and install fire proof storage cabinet
  • Compile a list of equipment
  • Maintain a copy of records
  • Act as Fire Safety Adviser
  • Conduct Annual Fire Evacuation Exercise
  • Submit required documentation eg Occupiers Statement with applicable critical defect notices
  • Provide a sample motion for the AGM with explanatory notes
  • Provide a sample letter to Body Corporate Manager to be forwarded to Residents advising of time and place of evac exercise.
  • Fees ?
  • Proformas / Work Orders
  • Best time to conduct fire evac exercise
  • Inspection date – first time
  • System Within Asset Economics
  • Maintain a calender detailing:
  •  Details of complex
  •  Body Corporate company
  •  FY end,
  •  date of evac exercise
  •  date of submission of reminder letters to Body Corporate Company –  suggest 1 month prior to FY end
  •  other relevant information
  • Maintain a folder for each complex. Should contain :
  • an excel spreadsheet detailing all relevant information eg fees charged, date of equipment inspection, date of evac exercise, any other actions carried out, date of submission of the Occupiers Statement.
  • Copies of all correspondence and documentation
  • Issue a report to the Body Corporate Manager after each Fire Evac Exercise. Suggest report should include :
  • Generic information
  • Copy of Occupiers Statement
  • Detail of any action the Body Corporate needs to take
  • Copy of Fire Equipment list of items on site
  • Any other relevant information.

A part of our Strata Management Reports offering AE Fire safety reports will reduce the amount of responsibility to the Body Corporate Manager.

We will ensure that we will Keep well documented and up to date records.

AE FIRE SAFETY is at the forefront of our industry in providing services and solutions to enable building owners/occupiers to achieve compliance with the legislation.

AE FIRE SAFETY can deliver

Training: This is delivered via our web based learning management system. This system keeps records of training dates and generates automated emails when training is due to ensure compliance with legislation can be achieved.

General Evacuation and First Response Evacuation Instruction: It is a requirement of the legislation that all staff be given general evacuation instructions within 2 days of commencing work in a building and that training be repeated annually. First response evacuation instructions are required to be given within 1 month and repeated every 2 years.

Evacuation Coordination Procedures: These procedures must be given to all nominated staff and repeated annually.

Evacuation Diagrams: These are required to contain specific information with regard to the building. AE FIRE SAFETY produces these under the supervision of licensed staff to ensure all legislative requirements are met.

Evacuation Practice: These are required to be conducted on an annual basis in accordance with the building’s Fire and Evacuation Plan. They are supervised by licensed staff to ensure that the safe evacuation of the building can be achieved in the event of an emergency.

Fire Safety Advisor: Occupiers of high occupancy buildings are required to appoint and train a Fire Safety Advisor. AE FIRE SAFETY have licensed staff to act as your Fire Safety Advisor. They are dedicated specialists who are able to ensure that all your legislative requirements are met with regard to Building Fire Safety.