What to Know about an Asbestos Audit in Brisbane

Does your building require an asbestos audit in Brisbane At Asset Economics, we are here to help you understand your legal obligations and best practices concerning asbestos If you should require an asbestos audit in the Gold Coast, we can also provide it for you Common Mistakes People Make... ... read more.

Asset Economics: Your Provider for Body Corporate Services in Brisbane

Do you require body corporate services in Brisbane At Asset Economics, we offer a variety of services tailored to suit the needs of body corporate managers Each service is carried out by a skilled team of inspectors, surveyors and auditors We will provide detailed reports to help you understand... ... read more.

Body Corporate Services on the Gold Coast Prepare You for the Future

Use body corporate services on the Gold Coast for a successful future Analysing building and maintenance costs is a daunting task Let Asset Economics crunch the numbers for you and supply you with reports that make sense and keep you from losing money over time Our body corporate services have... ... read more.

Choosing a Reliable Provider of Body Corporate Services in Sunshine Coast

What do you need from body corporate services in Sunshine Coast Body corporates are incredibly useful tools for the management of real estate, but they come with many obligations that require careful management Approaching these tasks with professional insight makes the goal of long-term success... ... read more.

Dilapidation Reports for SEQ Including Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast

Accurate dilapidation reports in SEQ prevent future headaches Assessing adjoining properties before major construction projects is a safeguard every construction company should employ Asset Economics provides quality surveying of adjacent properties both before and after construction to protect... ... read more.

Plan Ahead with Insurance Valuations in Brisbane

Does your body corporate require insurance valuations in Brisbane Any property owner—individual or corporation, residential or commercial—needs to invest in a thorough insurance valuation survey This process will help ensure that your property is insured against loss properly and... ... read more.

Do You Need Insurance Valuations for Gold Coast Properties?

All property owners should seek insurance valuations in Gold Coast No one can anticipate an adverse event so serious that it forces you to consider the replacement of a home or commercial property, but they do happen Obtaining the appropriate insurance to mitigate that risk starts with a fair... ... read more.

Update Your Insurance Valuations on the Sunshine Coast to Ensure Proper Cover

Updated insurance valuations on Sunshine Coast properties provide protection Building costs increase continuously, and it is important to protect your investment by having annual insurance valuations performed to guarantee you have adequate insurance cover in case of damage or destruction Asset... ... read more.

The Importance of a Sinking Fund Forecast in SEQ

For a body corporate, a sinking fund forecast in SEQ is a vital service At Asset Economics, we offer a variety of body corporate services to our clients Sinking fund forecasts fall into this category If you require a sinking fund forecast on the Sunshine Coast, we can help The Benefits of a... ... read more.

Tax Depreciation

Do you know what you can claim for tax depreciation in Brisbane Every year, the value of a structure and its components can decrease by a small amount This "loss" can be taken as a write-off on your taxes, allowing you to offset the depreciation that occurs from holding on to your assets How... ... read more.

Determine Your Business’s State of Compliance Regarding Workplace Health and Safety in Brisbane

Are you up to scratch with workplace health and safety in Brisbane Over time, even the most safety-conscious businesses can become complacent An occasional audit of current procedures can ensure you remain aligned with best practices For the safety of both your staff and your business, that's... ... read more.

Maintain Workplace Health and Safety on the Gold Coast for Proper Compliance

Workplace health and safety on the Gold Coast requires annual audits Annual workplace health and safety audits ensure your workplace is cognisant of potential hazards and has ways to eliminate them providing a safe environment for employees and visitors Asset Economics has over a decade of... ... read more.

The Importance of Audits for Workplace Health and Safety in Sunshine Coast

Audits for Workplace Health and Safety in Sunshine Coast do matter If you run a workplace with 30 or more employees on the premises, you have a legal obligation under Workplace Health & Safety (WH&S) law to have annual audits of your property These audits can identify safety risks or... ... read more.