Asset Economics: Your Provider for Body Corporate Services in Brisbane

Do you require body corporate services in Brisbane?

At Asset Economics, we offer a variety of services tailored to suit the needs of body corporate managers. Each service is carried out by a skilled team of inspectors, surveyors and auditors. We will provide detailed reports to help you understand your requirements as a body corporate.

Our Body Corporate Services in Brisbane

The body corporate services we offer at Asset Economics include:

  • Sinking Fund Forecasts: What kind of fees should you be charging owners within your body corporate? Assessing the projecting expenses of your sinking fund to maintain your building(s) will answer this question. Asset Economics reports include 15 years of projections.
  • Insurance Replacement Valuations: How much would it cost to replace or rebuild your building if it were destroyed and classified as a total loss? This service is meant to estimate the actual cost of a complete rebuild so that your body corporate can plan accordingly for insurance coverage.
  • Workplace Health and Safety Audits: If your body corporate building is a workplace for 30 or more people, you are legally required to conduct annual workplace health and safety audits. Even if you have fewer people on the premises, regular inspections are smart to shield you from liability.

We also provide asbestos audits for buildings erected before 2004.

Why Trust Asset Economics Regarding Body Corporate Services in Brisbane

If you require body corporate services in Brisbane, you can trust Asset Economics. Over the course of 15 years, we have built a reputation for employing the best surveyors and auditors, for providing the most detailed reports and for generally supporting our clients in exceptional ways. Contact us today to learn more.