Dilapidation Reports for SEQ Including Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast

Accurate dilapidation reports in SEQ prevent future headaches.

Assessing adjoining properties before major construction projects is a safeguard every construction company should employ. Asset Economics provides quality surveying of adjacent properties both before and after construction to protect you from potential lawsuits.

What You Can Expect from Asset Economics Regarding Dilapidation Reports in SEQ

Our professional team will conduct independent inspections of properties in proximity to major construction projects both before and upon construction completion.

  • We take detailed photos of the property before adjoining construction begins and again upon construction completion.
  • We include the photos in our written reports to avoid false claims by property owners.

What Sets Asset Economics Apart Regarding Dilapidation Reports on the Sunshine Coast

Our Quantity Surveying services come with over a decade of experience.

  • The owner personally oversees every project to maintain quality and professionalism.
  • Our detailed dilapidation reports in Brisbane have assisted companies with the dismissal of damage claims.

Our experience and commitment to professional quality ensure you receive documentation that will stand up in a court of law.

About Asset Economics

Established in 2006 to provide experience and quality service to companies in SEQ including dilapidation reports on the Gold Coast. Our Quantity Surveyors are detail oriented to provide flawless statistical data in an easy to read format.

If you think of our service as an insurance policy, you’ll be glad you’re covered. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can save you from future claims.