Plan Ahead with Insurance Valuations in Brisbane

Does your body corporate require insurance valuations in Brisbane?

Any property owner—individual or corporation, residential or commercial—needs to invest in a thorough insurance valuation survey. This process will help ensure that your property is insured against loss properly and sufficiently.

Tips Regarding Insurance Valuations in Brisbane

Before you hire someone to conduct an insurance valuation of your building, consider these tips:

  • Know the pitfalls: An insurance valuation is meant to determine how much it would cost to replace/reconstruct your building if it were destroyed or deemed a total loss. With this information, you can insure your building to the actual replacement value. The importance of this process seems straightforward but is it? Indeed, 10 or 15 percent of buildings are underinsured, in part because building costs are constantly increasing. Therefore, getting a re-evaluation every few years, is always a smart strategy.
  • Pick the right surveyor: Building replacement cost evaluations are complex, so you need a surveyor that will respect these complexities. At Asset Economics, we have been performing these types of valuation surveys for 15 years and know how to take every factor into account. From demolition costs to council fees to new features required by BSA legislation, we consider expenses of the rebuilding process that other companies might miss.

Why Asset Economics Is Cost Effective

The last thing you want is to lose your building and go to make an insurance claim, only to find that the insurance payout is not enough to cover the replacement. These revelations can be incredibly costly for any property owner. With insurance valuations from Brisbane’s Asset Economics, you make a small investment now to avoid this considerable expense later. Contact us today to learn more.