Dilapidation Reports

What is a Dilapidation Report?

A dilapidation report is an assessment of the condition of a property that is close by to a construction site. The assessment takes place before and after the construction is complete and will list any damage to the property in a report. The reports are then compared at the end of the project to see if any damage may have occurred to neighbouring buildings during construction.

When Do I Need a Dilapidation Report?

In some cases, if you are starting a construction project you might be legally required to conduct a dilapidation report on the buildings in close proximity to the site. Even without any legal requirements, it is a good idea to do a report. This protects you against property owners making false claims that your nearby construction, demolition or excavation caused damage to their property due to ground movement.

How Can Asset Economics Help?

Asset Economics are professionals in performing dilapidation surveys and reports. Our team are experts in conducting independent inspections of properties adjoining major construction works. Over the years we have carried out many inspections of properties adjoining development earthworks, bridge or road construction, high rise developments, shopping centres and government infrastructures.

We inspect prior to construction commencement and again at the completion of the project. We provide a written dilapidation survey with photographic evidence to ensure any existing damage is not falsely claimed against the contractor involved in the construction works.

In our experience, many projects property owners have lodged a claim for damage that was supposedly caused by the construction work. Thanks to our extensive documentation of the properties, the damage was proved to be evident at the time of the first inspection, prior to the commencement of the work. Needless to say, the companies involved were able to have the claims dismissed.

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