The Importance of a Sinking Fund Forecast in SEQ

For a body corporate, a sinking fund forecast in SEQ is a vital service.

At Asset Economics, we offer a variety of body corporate services to our clients. Sinking fund forecasts fall into this category. If you require a sinking fund forecast on the Sunshine Coast, we can help.

The Benefits of a Sinking Fund Forecast in SEQ

Why are sinking fund forecasts so important? Here are the two core benefits:

  • They predict building expenses: A body corporate managing a building needs to know what the costs of maintaining and operating that building might look like in the years to come. These expenses are then paid out of a sinking fund. A sinking fund forecast helps the body corporate to plan accordingly.
  • They help with planning rent rates and fees: A sinking fund forecast on the Gold Coast can tell a body corporate how much to charge owners or tenants. The ‘right’ fee rates to charge are the ones that will put enough cash in the sinking fund to handle the predicted expenses.

What You Can Expect from Asset Economics Regarding Sinking Fund Forecasts

At Asset Economics, we offer top-tier sinking fund forecast services to bodies corporate. Here are a few of the factors that set us apart from the competition:

  • Our experience: Over the years, our team has prepared more than 4,000 sinking fund evaluations for buildings of all types and designs. Our experience enables us to provide accurate projections for building expenses.
  • Our long-view reports: We prepare cash flow tables, contributions tables and other expense projections looking 15 years into the future. These long-view projections help your body corporate plan ahead so that you can avoid sudden fee hikes or levies on members.

What Customer Stands to Lose If They Don’t Use Asset Economics

Are you seeking a sinking fund forecast in Brisbane or Gold Coast? These forecasts are essential for planning and managing your body corporate smartly. Without an accurate, long-range projection, you risk mismanaging funds and running into financial problems. Contact Asset Economics today as protection against these risks.