Maintain Workplace Health and Safety on the Gold Coast for Proper Compliance

Workplace health and safety on the Gold Coast requires annual audits.

Annual workplace health and safety audits ensure your workplace is cognisant of potential hazards and has ways to eliminate them providing a safe environment for employees and visitors. Asset Economics has over a decade of experience conducting workplace audits and surveys which offer you hazard awareness and solutions to maintain compliance.

Problems Asset Economics Addresses Regarding Workplace Health and Safety on the Gold Coast

Workplaces with 30 or more employees are required to have a Workplace Health & Safety Audit performed every year to maintain compliance with Australian legislation designed to protect employees from preventable accidents.

  • Our detailed service includes workplace health and safety inspections of your workplace and provides due diligence reports that highlight areas that need improvement.
  • We perform maintenance audits including documentation and record review to ensure maintenance efforts are performed punctually and meet required standards.
  • We review procedures and provide additional processes for continued compliance.
  • We conduct compliance audits and surveys including fire safety compliance, AS4655 Audits, AS1851 Surveys, and BCA Compliance Audits to ensure your workplace health and safety on the Gold Coast meets or exceeds compliance levels.

Our complete workplace health and safety audit for your Gold Coast workplace ensures you are providing a safe place for employees and visitors.

What You Stand to Lose if You Don’t Use Asset Economics

Maintaining compliance eliminates expensive fines and potential injury-related lawsuits that can cripple your business. Our combined audits and surveys ensure that your workplace is free of hazards that can cause harm to people and property. Contact our team of Quantity Surveyors to schedule a workplace assessment and prevent unfortunate accidents.