Asbestos Audits and Inspections

What is an Asbestos Audit?

An Asbestos Audit is when a qualified auditor comes to inspect your building and check it for Asbestos. The purpose of the audit is to check if Asbestos is present, and if it is to create a risk assessment and a management plan so that you know how to handle it. If Asbestos is found it must also be reported to the correct authorities.

Who Needs an Asbestos Audit?

In 2012 QLD began adhering to the national Code of Practice about how to manage Asbestos in a workplace. Because of this code, every commercial building in Australia that was built before 2004 must adhere to certain regulations. In order to comply with the code an Asbestos Audit and Inspection must take place. This code does not just effect standard commercial buildings. If you are renovating your home, your home becomes a ‘workplace’ and must also comply.

What is Asbestos?

Queensland’s Workplace Health & Safety Amendment Regulation (No.1) 2000, Section 69 refers to ‘asbestos materials’ installed in the building, including in an essential plant in or on the building. The Workplace Health and Safety Regulations – 1997 defines ‘asbestos materials’ as ‘installed thermal or acoustic insulation materials comprising or containing asbestos’.

Examples of installed thermal or acoustic insulation materials comprising or containing asbestos would be:

  • Asbestos lagging on steam/hot water pipes
  • Asbestos material sprayed on steel beams
  • Asbestos millboard installed in air-conditioning ductwork where heater banks are present

This type of material may be referred to as friable asbestos products, which means that it is loosely bound and could quite easily liberate fibres to the air if disturbed.

The more common use of asbestos in Queensland is in the form of gaskets, brake shoes, and building products such as fibro sheeting and pipe work and some vinyl floor tiles. The asbestos fibres in this type of material are bound into a matrix of cement, plastic or resin and as such are not likely to be liberated into the air if disturbed. These materials may be referred to as bonded asbestos products. Bonded asbestos products are not covered by the new legislation.

How can Asset Economics Help?

Asset Economics has a team of trained professionals who know exactly how to conduct an Asbestos Audit and Inspection. Given the danger of the product, it is essential that you ensure an audit like this is carried out by experts for the safety of yourself and others. We know what needs to be done and we will do it with the utmost care.

Our asbestos report will include:

  • Summary of Asbestos Containing Materials located, Asbestos Registry Audit Form & Photos
  • Notes and Further Recommendations
  • Conclusion including: Removal of asbestos, Policy development for asbestos products, Signage and labelling
  • Scope of the inspection
  • Methodology of the inspection
  • Limitations of the inspection
  • Legislative requirements
  • Terms used in Asbestos Registers
  • Maintenance Work Flow-Chart
  • Health risks of Asbestos
  • Glossary of terms

Need help with an Asbestos Audit and Inspection? Get in contact.

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