Asset Economics Dilapidation Survey Service

A Dilapidation Survey is a detailed examination of the current condition of a building or structure, typically conducted before any construction or development work begins, or before a lease is signed. The survey is used to document the existing condition of the building, including any visible damage, wear and tear or defects, such as cracks in walls or foundations, water damage or other issues. The survey also includes any features or fixtures that may be affected by the construction or lease, such as landscaping, pathways or other elements of the property. Asset Economics provide the dilapidation survey service conducted by a professional surveyor who will take photographs and make detailed notes of the condition of the property and will also provide a written report with recommendations for any necessary repairs or improvements. The main purpose of the Dilapidation survey is to establish the existing condition of the property and provide a record of it, which can be used for legal or insurance purposes.

Professionals of Dilapidation Survey Report

Our team are seasoned professionals in developing dilapidation survey reports. Our staff has completed countless inspections of properties adjacent to major construction projects over the years. We’ve carried out a number of property inspections next to development earthworks, bridge or road construction, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, and government infrastructure. We know the ins and outs of what is required, and will ensure you’re fully covered for your protection.

We examine the property ahead of time and again at the conclusion of the project. We provide a written dilapidation survey with photographic evidence to verify that any previous damage was not falsely claimed against the builder working on the project.

Many project owners have filed a claim for harm that was said to be caused by the construction work, according to our experience. The damage was proven to be apparent at the time of the first inspection, before the start of the job, thanks to our extensive records of properties. Needless to say, the firms concerned were able to get their claims dismissed.

Exterior and interior inspections are included in a comprehensive condition report from trained building inspectors. It focuses on key regions that are vulnerable to the construction project. The actual conditions of the property will be measured and described, along with diagrams and photographs, in great detail.

what is a dilapidation survey

Our Building Dilapidation Survey Involves

The following are some of the details that will be inspected and commented on in-depth by the inspector:

  • Plumbing fixture tile cracks
  • Wall cracks
  • Loose and missing frames
  • Cracks in exterior brickwork
  • Concrete cracks
  • Ground movement
  • Damaged roof shingles

The dilapidation report is developed not just to safeguard nearby property, but also to protect the developer. Both sides may use the before and after construction reports to identify any current building flaws as well as damage caused by the development operation. This way, potential conflicts can be avoided before they arise.

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